21 Alternative Word Games If You Used Wordle

Are you done with Wordle? Do you want to change your daily life with a new game? You can check a lot.

Wordle asks the player to find a 5-letter word with 6 guesses or less. For each answer, the game displays a gray block for the wrong letter, a yellow block for the correct letter in the wrong place, and a green block for the correct letter in the correct place. It’s addictive, but once you’ve solved the daily puzzles or used up all your guesses, you’ll have to wait until the next day to play again.

You may have already learned some tips, tricks and lessons from the popular word game. So why not apply your new problem-solving skills to other puzzles too? After all, Wordle isn’t the only game in town. Here are 23 puzzle games you can play while you wait for Wordle tomorrow.

Multi-word popup: Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, Sedecordle

Are you ready for the challenge? If you love Wordle and want a puzzle game that requires more brainpower, you’ll want to check out Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, and Sedecordle. Each of these four word games is very similar to Wordle, but adds more rows, columns, and words to solve. Dordle must solve two words at once. Quordle, 4 at a time. Octordle is 8, Sedecordle is 16. Good luck.

You can run Quordle, Octordle, Dordle or Sedecordleon in any web browser.

Word Master

This new version of Wordle gives you 6 attempts to guess a 5-letter word, but with a few changes. Word Master uses grey, yellow and green blocks in the same way as the original. How is it different from Wordle? Word Master offers unlimited games so you don’t have to wait 24 hours.

You can play Word Master in any web browser.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl, another version of Wordle, gives you six attempts to guess a word and track your progress using blocks of the same color. Apart from unlimited games, Hello Wordl also allows you to change the number of letters of the word you are guessing. Guess the 4-letter word or use the in-game slider to jump to the 11-letter word. Regardless of the length of the word, you have 6 chances to guess.

You can play Hello Wordl in any web browser.


Before you play Lewdle “Lewdle is a rude comment game. If you feel offended by profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity, play Wordle instead!”: Wordle, but with swear words The words range from something as light as feces to words that make sailors blush. However, despite the many swear words in the game, no swearing is included. As with Wordle, there are 6 attempts to guess a 5-letter word. Grey, yellow and green blocks are used in the same way. There is only one puzzle per day. Let the bad words flow!

You can play Lewd in any web browser.


Doodleling describes himself as an enemy copied from . According to the game’s website, Wordle points you in the right direction with each guess, but Absurdle “actively tries not to give you an answer.” Doodler does not collect words at the beginning of the game for players to guess. Instead, he uses the players’ guesses to narrow down the word list to make the game last as long as possible. The last word cannot contain the yellow letter of any of the previous guesses. It helps to be able to guess as many times as you want, and the best result is to guess four times. Have a good time!

You can play Absurdle in any web browser.


Sure, Wordle is fun, but what if it contained word elements? Enter a crossword. In this Wordle-inspired game, you have to find two words of different length that intersect like a crossword puzzle. The gray, yellow and green squares are identical, there is one puzzle per day. However, you can guess as many times as you like until you get a word or you give up. Unlike other Wordle-based games, Crosswordle allows you to create custom crossword puzzles and share them with your friends. That is what I did. If Crosswordle isn’t hard enough, the settings page will indicate that the developer is working on hard mode.

You can play Crosswordle in any web browser.


Are you tired of seeing blocks painted green on all your social networks? Give Antiwordle a try. Wordle wants you to guess a word every day with as few guesses as possible, while Antiwordle wants you to avoid a word by guessing as much as possible. I guess the letter will turn gray, yellow or red. Gray means the letter is not in the word and cannot be reused, yellow means the letter is in the word and must be included in all subsequent guesses, and red means the letter is in the correct position in the word and is fixed in place. medium. If you can use all the letters on the keyboard and you don’t understand the words correctly, you win. It seems easy, but I

You can play Antiwordle in any web browser.

Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings game is for Tolkien fans who want to play Wordle. There are gray, yellow, and green blocks, and the player takes six attempts to guess a five-letter word from the text of The Lord of the Rings. Possible guesses include places like Rohan, famous people like Frodo and Smaug, and lesser-known characters like Turin, Horin, and Idril. There is only one puzzle per day, but you can play this puzzle multiple times in the same day if you wish.

You can play The Lord of the Rings in any web browser.


If you love numbers, then Primel is for you. In this game, 6 attempts are made to guess a 5-digit prime number. The grey, yellow and green squares are back and you can only get one puzzle per day. But what makes this game even more disappointing is that it only takes a handful of guesses and is inherently difficult. Throwing the Wordle side will scratch your head.

You can play Primel in any web browser.


Nerdle is another option for those more interested in numbers. This time you have to guess the mathematical equation and the solution. Remember PEMDAS because you have 6 chances to guess and solve the equation, and the equation must also be mathematically valid. Every time you guess, the number or symbol in the correct position turns green. Any number or symbol in the wrong place in the equation will be purple. Numbers or symbols that are not in the equation are shown in black. After completing a puzzle, you have to wait 8 hours for the next one. Tip: The symbol ” = ” is still in the puzzle. You can thank me later.

You can play Nerdle in any web browser.


IYKYK is a combination of Wordle and the #CultureTags card game, created by the same team that developed #CultureTags. In this game you are given a shortcut and you have to find the shortcut by guessing 3 times or less. Clues are given after the first letter of each word, the number of letters in each word and after the second guess, green, yellow and gray blocks also appear here. This game is based on #CultureTags, but the abbreviations used in this game are not repeated in IYKYK.

You can play IYKYK in any web browser.


Don’t you like words or numbers? Give Worldle a try. This geographic location-based Wordle subroutine gives you six guesses to guess which country or region is displayed. Instead of grey, yellow, and green blocks identifying a letter or number after each answer, you’ll see distance, direction, and proximity percentages, just like in a hot and cold game. For example, assuming Chile, Worldle might show an arrow pointing northeast at 13,557 km and 32%. This means that the correct country or territory is located 13,557 km northeast of Chile and has a proximity rate of 32%. Translation: You are great. There is only

You can play Worldle in any web browser.


Can you guess the song just by listening to the first few seconds? Heartle is for you. The game asks you to select a song from a list of famous artists, play 1 second of the song and name it. You have 6 guesses and each wrong guess unlocks more songs. You can also skip rounds, which unlocks more songs. If you solve or lose a puzzle, a timer will display the time until the next puzzle.

You can run Heardle in any web browser.

Name That Ride

Are you a madman who can tell the difference between ’55 and ’57 Chevy Bel Air? You should try Name That Ride. In this game you have to name the car in the picture by guessing 6 times in 20 seconds. When you think you know the car in the photo, tap Guess to pause the timer and type your answer. We have a predefined list of cars, so even if you’re not sure how old your car is, you can still make a guess.

You can play Name That Ride in any web browser.


Lookdle is similar to Name That Ride, but the game lets you guess which celebrity appears in the polka dotted image. Make 5 guesses and the image becomes more in focus with each wrong guess. There are also predefined name lists to choose from, but the list does not include all celebrities. It can be good to specify who can fit in each image, or it can be bad because guessing who the person in the image is may not be an option.

You can run Lookdle in any web browser.

Words With Friends is a classic and ever popular word game.

Words With Friends

What list of word games would you have without this classic game? Words With Friends is played like virtual Scrabble and remains popular over a decade after its original release. You and your opponent, another person or a computer, are given letters and make words on the board to score points, and the person with the most points at the end wins.

You can download Words With Friends from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or you can read them in any web browser.

Word Forward

Word Forward is similar to Boggle, but with bonuses and useful tools. Play the game on a 5 x 5 letter board and try to make words out of these letters. When you create a word, the letters you use disappear. Continue until plaque is removed. If you get stuck, you can use tools and gadgets to remove certain characters or shuffle the board to replace them with new ones.

You can purchase Word Forward on the App Store, Play Store, Nintendo Game Store for Nintendo Switch, or on Steam.

Wordscapes gives players a text and asks them to complete a crossword puzzle with those texts.


Wordscapes is a mix of puzzles and crossword puzzles. A series of letters is provided at the bottom of the screen and a crossword at the top. Make words with the letters in the bank and fill in the words with the words. Completing the puzzle will reward you with a picture of a beautiful landscape.

You can download Wordscapes from the App Store or Play Store.

Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter is a play on words from the creators of The Oatmeal and Exploding Kittens. Sort the letters in the game to make words and then transform into an army of cats. What do cats do? They not only attack the players or teams you are facing, but also defend your home. This is a silly tower defense game where your horse creates a pack of cats ready to fight for you.

You can download Kitty Letter from the App Store or Play Store.


In SpellTower, the letters rise from the bottom of the screen, so you must collect the words as quickly as possible. Each word you say erases the letter used and the game ends when a letter reaches the top of the screen. It is similar to Tetris in this regard. There are also 10 other game modes, including a search mode to find the longest word using specific letters.

You can download SpellTower from the App Store or Play Store. You can also get it on Apple Arcade. There are subscription fees for the service, but you can get this and other games ad-free and with in-app purchases already unlocked.

For more fun with word games, check out ‘s Wordle tips, the best word jokes, and how to play old-fashioned word puzzles. If you haven’t downloaded Wordle yet, here’s how you can download it today.

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